We are in one of the production halls which once belonged to the MGM movie studios.
Most likely, the producers and directors saw here the previews of films that were to be successful in the box office. Now there is other kind of projections; there is a draft international championship of League of Legends. The building is still owned by a successful company, but one of gaming. We are home to Riot Games and leading us backstage is a Romanian and her hairstyle very nice: Irina Crudu. In my next article I will explain about elo boost.

How does a company fascinate its employees to paint their hair color brand? Riot Games is the revelation of gaming. They made a game without blood and violence that has increased in 8 years. It has over 1,000 employees and an estimated profit of 200 million dollars in 2013. And they are known due to the only game that was brought to the pinnacle of success, League of Legends, accessed daily by 27 million players around the globe.
The League of Legend is already has stretched business on four continents. Riot has offices in Saint Loui, Dublin, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Moscow, Sydney and Taipei. But its home is in Los Angeles, where the Romanian Irina Crudu, former journalist, handles gaming events in North America.
Back in Bucharest, in a young company people indulge occasionally for 5-5 games of League of Legends. Their only pride is at stake. And... pizza.
What's the secret of the game? The rules are simple. Each hero plays what he wants, well, what a hero you have available, you are all beginners, it does not matter. We 5vs5 and team winners versus victims, who are here present. That's all. For a team to be declared a winner, they have to move anybody forward on any of the three colors on the map to the “Nexus” and to destroy it. That's about at least 30-40 minutes. And Corina, sales man, is pressing random buttons on the keyboard.
Part of the same team is Eli, a young girl of 25 years old with a nice hairstyle. She handles the social media and graphics in the company, but she does her job just as well when she plays. As time passes in the game, the heroes become more powerful and the battle grows in intensity.
But where does the success of LoL comes from? Even in their free time, employees who make the game return to the office... to relax. And the company offers a special room for it. For Irina, League of Legends is now a career goal and found the bright idea to make a mark in the game.
Irina Crudu: "This is the champion I worked for on the launch of the game in Romanian language. Pantheon is called and is based on a warrior aspect with a wolf on the shield."
And she has been living in Los Angeles for 6 months already. She tells us that she likes the city, but has not made ​​a goal to settle in Beverly Hills.
Irina Crudu: "I never wanted to leave Romania, honestly. I love it there, I had many friends, and I have a big family, very nice. However I received an offer to work in Dublin for Riot Games, I really liked the game, and I found it as a very interesting opportunity. I met many people, of all nationalities, I found the life experience that I wanted to have, I wanted to see how it is to work abroad and to live in another country. Thing that made me love even more Romania."
Chance brought Irina in one of the best companies on the planet. She took care of the rise in her busy career, motivated by a well-paid job, the city with one season and the satisfaction of working on the most popular game in the world.

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